About Us

The Company

We are a Central FL based company that specializes in producing custom music of any length, in any style and for any purpose including, but not limited to, independent film.

We have two recording studios full of talent and equipment. Our studios are also stocked with a multitude of sampling software that allows us to support any single instrument (piano or tuba), to full Symphonic Orchestras. Our forte is certainly the difficult to hire-out Custom Made Metal Music, however; it is important to note that due to our diverse musical backgrounds and education, we also provide custom music for any style needed and all categories of custom audio services.

It is important to note that what we have over-and-above 99% of all other custom music providers is our Versatile Guitarist. He has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of guitar work including the amazing ability to play any style at the highest professional level at a simple request, including the most technical modern Heavy Metal stylings.

Our services include but aren't limited to:

  • Custom Music / Film Scoring and Instrumental Musical Arrangements
    • The unique ability to create Guitar Centered Arrangements
    • The ability to create anything from Heavy Metal, Electronic 'Glitchy' to full Orchestral Music
    • We also have the unique ability to create custom "Comedic" Music
    • We can provide any Duration / Length - from a few seconds to full length film
  • Sound Recording (including Foley) and Editing
  • Voice Acting Capabilities (both internally and subcontracting)
    • Comedic, Cultural Accents, Corporate Voice Over etc

We work closely with our sister company "Frickbat Films" on their own independent film projects, and any external projects they collaborate on for film and multimedia.